The Reincarnation of Drew Deane Gallery has Awoken!

Good afternoon,

The artistic team once located in the picturesque town of Brevard, North Carolina has reincarnated like the legendary fire bird once did as recorded in Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. The gallery is housed in what used to be the Brevard Fire Station in 1926, and opened its fledgling doors in June of 2006. The recently remodeled space at 114 West Main has unveiled itself as one of the premier emerging contemporary fine arts galleries in Western North Carolina. The last time we were live was a few weeks ago but we are planning to setting up our website for success. Give us time to take it slow, build clear building blocks, and form distinctions so this resource will help you locate unique, clever, and relevant pieces of artwork in the Carolinas. Enough idle chitchat! Follow the white rabbit and watch this video on YouTube about our artwork. Enjoy yourself.

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